Winner of Gaelic Singer Of The Year at the 2015 Scots Trad Music Awards Griogair Labhruidh was born into a long line of pipers on both sides of his family, including several of the most renowned composers of highland bagpipe music. His Gaelic singing was cultivated through the connection to his family’s piping heritage and their ties with some of the oldest surviving oral traditions in Scottish culture.

Having released and toured extensively with two critically acclaimed albums, Griogair is widely considered by both fans of Scottish Gaelic music and academics alike to be one of the finest exponents of old style sean-nòs traditional Gaelic song and traditional highland piping. He has performed with Shooglenifty, Karen Matheson, John Spillane, Dàimh and many other established acts in the Scottish and Irish music scene.

As a performer he is highly engaging and controversial. Using his position as a musician to take a prominent role in the movement for the revival of the colonised traditions of Gaelic Scotland. His original rhymes and music are deeply spiritual and a direct connection to his ancestry. Rooted in the ancient, pre-christian, bardic traditions of the filidh/aos-dàna warrior poets; he likes to blend his own tradition with conscious styled Hip Hop culture fostering an original musical and idealogical connection. As a multi-instrumentalist he is skilled on highland pipes, small pipes, Irish pipes, whistles, jazz guitar and is a formidable beat maker.

He has musical roots throughout North West Argyll/South Lochaber, but more famously in his home of Ballachulish, where he continues to proliferate the Gaelic traditions through music like his family before him. Linguistically he is one of the last exponents of a mainland Scottish dialect and song tradition. As a crofter, the tradition of looking after the natural ecology of his native land and its sacred traditions go hand in hand with his music and his academic research. He is currently writing a PhD about the nature of his own singing tradition.

Griogair starred in the 2005 critically acclaimed feature movie ‘Joyeux Noel’ as a 1st World War pipe Major. When the film was later nominated for an award at the Cannes Film Festival, Griogair was honoured to play the pipes up the red carpet. He has also performed regularly on both Scottish and Irish television.